Technocopia is maker space located in Worcester, MA.  We provide our members with workspace and access to a bunch of tools to work on whatever they can dream up!

Summer Programs 2019


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This summer we are offering 8 full week programs, each with a different and creative theme, exploring the range of history, science, biology, culture and just plain fun. Different from other summer programs, we benefit from the resources of the workshops and studios of the Technocopia maker space. As such, in all programs children will learn how to safely use basic hand tools and have age appropriate access and training on our digital fabrication resources such as a 3d printer, laser fabricator and digital vinyl cutter (for making custom stickers of all sizes.) Our experienced staff are creative, smart, and committed to creating a safe and fun experience for your child. Our staff ratio is 6:1. The weekly program fee is $300. All days run 8:30am-4:30pm. Early drop off and/or pick up is available at an $25-50 extra charge. Email for details. Programs suited for ages 5-15.


July 8th - 12th, 2019

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Make your own skateboard from scratch! Shape it like Pokemon, Minecraft, a cat, a slice of pizza! This skateboard will be like nothing you and your parents have seen. We will build up our wheels and trucks, put on deck tape in any pattern we want, and paint our board with our own cool designs. This is an end to end skateboard design and build, using a wide range of tools. At the end of the week we will bring some local skateboard legends to admire our boards and show us a few moves! Absolutely no skateboarding experience required! Ages 5-15.


july 15-19th 2019

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We here in Worcester have a good excuse to make some rockets! This is the year we are celebrating the 50th anniversay of a person landing on the moon, Worcester has a hometown hero who played a huge role in making that possible, Robert Goddard, universally acknowledged as the Father of Modern Rocketry. Throughout this year institutions around Worcester are joining to honor Goddard, and we here at Technocopia plan to make a blast-off of it! Join us for Rocketry week, and we together will design, make, and launch rockets! Starting with the fundamentals of flight (birds, wings, airplanes, propellers, engines) we will evolve our understanding to the evolution of rockets. We will learn about propulsion and pressure, specifically air and water pressure, and combustion, to make our own rockets. An awesome week to be celebrated in a blast off year! Ages 5-15.


buildings and cities
July 22nd - 26th, 2019

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Our young engineers will learn what buildings are made of and how they stand up. We will design and build small and large models of different kinds of buildings of different cultures. We will develop a city or two and learn about urban networks and how they relate to the ecosystems around them. We will learn about bridges and how they manage to stay standing with all the stuff that goes across them... and we will make our own bridges and load them up! An eye-opening and dynamic week! Ages 5-15.

Buildings and cities is a great week to partner with the week that precedes, Transportation.


July 29th - Aug 2nd 2019

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Worcester is a city with a long history of transportation. For Transportation week we will look at the many unique ways our city moves freight, people and information to places all over the world. We will build small cars, trains, airplanes, and then design and build a transportation network that fills our studio. Transportation week is one that helps us see and appreciate not only the place where we live, but makes us better observers any place we go! Ages 5-15.


toys and games
Aug 12-16th

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What a delightful week. For parents to know, this is kind of an old-fashioned week; kids making their own games! Be it a chess or checker set, a Foosball table, or a pinball machine, it’s our chance to prove that children can be engaged individually and socially by tactile play. Let us all enjoy discovering that a screen is not required in order for your children to have a good time! It’s a refreshing and surprising week, your children will be engaged and invested in the games they make and bring home. Our experience with Toys and Games is that the week may surprise you… a refreshing and really fun week! Ages 5-15.



Fashion Tech design
Aug 19-23rd

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Fuse creativity with innovation as you explore the exciting world of wearable technology. In this course you will delve into the four pillars of wearable tech: design, engineering, construction and sustainability. You will gain hands-on experience with pattern-drafting and construction, programming with Lilypad Arduinos and Flora micro-controllers, and you will explore the fundamentals of electrical engineering, bio-fabrication and prototyping. As a capstone project, students will create a unique piece of wearable technology that improves the world around us. Ages 5-15.

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