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biology ii

This class has been canceled due to low enrollment. Biology I will be offered in Fall 2019
Thurs, 10:00am-12:00pm. This is a 12 class session running from 1/24/2019 - 4/25/2019. No class 2/21 and 4/18.
Ages: 9-13
Instructor: Lauren Monroe
Fee: $350 ($75 deposit)

This course will cover fundamental biology principles with engaging hands-on science labs. Curriculum topics and techniques will reflect those often taught at a middle or junior high school level. Assigned homework and lab reports are encouraged as part of the course. The course load in this winter and spring section will include frequent use of chemistry laboratory equipment, microscope and stereoscope use, and hands-on learning with natural materials (bones, fossils, preserved specimens, soil, etc). The class will choose to conduct two of three research labs. Collecting and analyzing data using Excel sheets and charts will accompany the experience. Descriptions of the labs are below.


Chemistry of Life
-Nature of Matter
-Water and Solutions

- Genetically Modified Organisms & Gene Therapies

Human Biology
- Skeletal and Muscular Systems
- Digestive, Respiratory & Circulatory Systems
- Neurons & Nerve Impulses, Sensory Systems, and the Brain

- Global Change
- Human Impact

Research Labs:
Aquatic Plants in Varied Environments: Testing milfoil and duck weed in varied water qualities
The Affect of Acid Rain On Seeds: Tracking low pH levels to qualities of seeds
Chemotaxis in Slime Molds: Tracking how slime molds respond to their environment

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