Technocopia is maker space located in Worcester, MA.  We provide our members with workspace and access to a bunch of tools to work on whatever they can dream up!

First Post, building the website, and where to look for information

Welcome everyone to Technocopia's new website!  Please bear with us while we fill it up with content and put a new coat of paint over the whole thing. 

There are many things to come, but allow me to encourage you to check out the pages for the Hackerspace, and for the Development Community.

All of the information about what Technocopia is, the open-source technologies we are developing, and what we are doing today is kept as part of a Google Project, in a very raw way, on the Development Community page.  Over time, we will move that information to as we make it more presentable and interactive.

It is also currently possible to get involved in the core Technocopia project through the Development Community page.

Information regarding the new hackerspace at 99 Prescott St. in Worcester, MA, can be found on the Hackerspace page.  There will be pictures, as well as details regarding what we offer, and how to join.

That's it for this first post, as I have to get back to building the website.


Nick "Scruffy" Bold

44 Portland Street 6th Floor
Worcester MA, 01608
Ph. (774) 420-2244