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Contextual chemistry i

This class has been canceled due to low enrollment. Please check back next year 2019!
Tuesdays, 10:00 - 12:30, for 14 weeks, 9/4 - 12/4
Ages: 12-17
Instructor: Lauren Monroe
Fee:  $425 (Deposit $100)

Contextual Chemistry is a high school level chemistry class designed to give a strong foundation in chemistry with several engaging labs that compliment class concepts. This 14 class semester will teach the following topics: atomic structure, chemical reactions, chemical nomenclature, metric measurement, scientific notation, states of matter, gas laws, molarity, and acid-base equilibria. All classes will have an accompanying chemistry laboratory and relevant current event material to link concepts with every day applications. Assigned homework and lab reports encouraged as part of the course. Examples of labs and topics include:

  • Exploring Ionic Compounds and Drinking Water: What happened in the Flint Michigan crisis?
  • States of Matter: Dry Ice to Distillation  
  • Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions: Modern Consumer Products
  • Element Properties: Forging Metal and Creating Nano Particles
  • Acids & Bases in Consumer Products: Vinegar to Shampoo; Hydrochloric Acid to Sodium Hydroxide
  • History and Technology of Materials: Lead, Mercury, and Plastics

Visit the chemistry photo gallery to see pictures of past teenage engagement in this very popular class! A separate course, Contextual Chemistry II, will run early February to mid-May 2019.

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