Technocopia is maker space located in Worcester, MA.  We provide our members with workspace and access to a bunch of tools to work on whatever they can dream up!


Glass Fascination: A Four-Week Program in the Glass Shop

Instructor: Molly Jackson

  • Four classes. Each three-hours. Totaling a 12 hour program.

  • No experience required. All skill levels are welcome and will be able to complete projects.

  • Open to Technocopia's members and the public (non-members)

  • Age 12+

Are you fascinated by this old-world process that uses glass, flames and gravity?
Are you just curious about trying out the Glass Shop?

Glass Shop classes are limited to four students allowing you the experience of individual attention and instruction for your skill level and interests.

In this four-week program (3 hours, once per week)  you will begin by receiving a brief studio orientation, safety training and demonstration of projects. 
The rest is hands-on torch time creating your very own flameworked glass pieces. How is that done? Clear and colored borosilicate glass is heated and shaped in the two thousand degree flame of an oxygen-propane bench torch.
Building on your experience, projects can advance can advance as you are ready. This class is for you to join together with students of all levels, be inspired and see what is possible through torch work.  Demonstration, personal instruction and hours of hands-on torch time will be offered at your own pace.  Students are encouraged to come with ideas in mind. 

You can make:

  •     tiny animal friends such as a mouse, fish or turtle

  •     marbles

  •     pendants

  •     Murano-style hard candies

  •     Or hanging ornaments

**Closed-toe shoes and natural-fiber clothing are required
**Please bring paper and pencil for sketching projects. 


Tool Trainings and private classes can be made by appointment. 
For more details please contact the Glass Shop steward, Molly Jackson.

44 Portland Street 6th Floor
Worcester MA, 01608
Ph. 774.420.2244