The Future of Abundance through Technology

Technocopia is an open-source road map to a realistic future of abundance.
Creating an economy of sustainable, carbon-based and automated open-hardware.

Technocopia, Co.

Is a non-profit (tax-exempt status pending) geared towards creating open-source technologies that will benefit the whole world.  As part of this mission we are opening a hackerspace in Worcester, MA, which will serve as a home-base for our research and development of these technologies, as well as a common collaborative space for anyone in Central Massachusetts (or beyond!) to make their own projects into reality. 

To learn more about our technology, and the ideas that inspired their creation, please read on about Prometheus.

What services do we offer?


  • Lounge - Couches and a coffee table, for collaborating, relaxing, and general hanging out purposes.
  • Kitchen - There's a fridge, coffee machine, and a microwave.   The coffee and tea must flow.
  • Toilets & Sinks - Stuff happens and stuff gets dirty... 
  • Conference space - Big table, lots of chairs, a behemoth white board, and a big screen projector.   Plan your plans, think your thoughts, and get everyone on your project team on the same page.
  • Computer stations - Use these to design your designs, surf the web, or send instructions to CNC machines.
  • Storage Area - All members get their own 28"x16"x7" storage box with any basic membership.
  • Workspace - Assorted stations housing all our equipment, listed below:

Workspace Equipment

  • Blackfoot CNC Router - 4'x8' (2.5D) build area
  • Blacktooth Laser Cutter - 24"x20" (2D) build area
  • Printrbot Plus 3D Printer - 8"x8"x8" (3D) print volume
  • ServoStock 3D Printer - 11" diameter x14" height (3D) print volume (link coming soon!)
  • Injection Molder
  • Surface mount soldering station
  • (Regular) Soldering station
  • Microcontroller development equipment
  • Analog electronics development equipment
  • Bench-top power tools
  • Sewing machines
  • Screen Printing equipment
  • Hand tools

Credit: Andrew Harrington


Noon - 8p*, 7 days per week. 

*As staffing permits.  We will remain open for members until 10, so long as members are here and the space is being used.  Please contact us if you intend to come in after 8pm.


If you are interested in more information in joining, click here.

We are able to accept cash, check, and credit in person, and credit online.


We are partnered with Running Start which will provide various office spaces for those seeking a quieter, more suit and tie friendly environment.

Running Start is a non profit co-working space that provides affordable collaborative space to entrepreneurs, along with networking and investment opportunities.

Events, Clubs and Classes

Events Schedule

Technocopia regularly hosts classes and events in our space.  Many classes and events are free, some charge fees for materials used in the class, or for the time of the instructor.  Classes and events are usually open to the public, but members generally enjoy discounted fees.

Check the calendar for event listings, or to sign up for event email updates!

Organizing an event, club or class

Our members are encouraged to start and host events, clubs and classes here at Technocopia.  These events are open to members and can be open to the public, but the organizers of the event must be members of Technocopia.  Organizers of events are able to charge their own rates and are otherwise free to do anything that doesn't directly violate any of the space's rules.

More information for prospective organizers can be found here.

Credit: Andrew Harrington

Technocopia, 95 Prescott Street, Worcester, MA 001605