Technocopia is maker space located in Worcester, MA.  We provide our members with workspace and access to a bunch of tools to work on whatever they can dream up!


Microbial art

Fridays, 1-3pm, 3/30, 4/6, and 4/13
Ages: 9-15
Instructors: Lauren Monroe and Jennifer Swan
Fee: $25

Join us for a very unique experience in which students grow their art work using micro-organisms. Utilizing special lab techniques students will culture bacteria and fungus on selected nutrient mediums to create colorful pallets and pictures in petri dishes. A popular art trend amongst some microbiologists, students will learn how to cultivate micro-organisms, prepare nutrient agars and petri dishes and exercise creative license in designing abstract and real to life images on their cultured dishes. Students will record their art through photography.

Image: "Cell to Cell" Winner of 2015 ASM Agar Art Competition by Mehmet Berkmen and Maria Peñil

44 Portland Street 6th Floor
Worcester MA, 01608
Ph. (774) 420-2244