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chemical engineering

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Lauren Monroe
Total Class Cost: $175
This class meets a total of 4 times on Mondays weekly Nov. 4th - Dec. 2nd. No class on 11/11.

Understanding the science of everyday products we buy and use is not an easy study! As consumers, we are bombarded with product advertisements, brand choices, and long and sometimes complicated ingredient lists. Take this course to learn the basic chemistry of things you may use everyday like an acne cream or face lotion, to more exciting and unique items like fireworks! Learn how these products are made, what they are made of, and how this effects how they work for you! Every class students will have a hands-on chemistry lab that demystifies the chemical makeup of products and sometimes gives students an opportunity to engineer their own!

This course will introduce the following chemistry foundations:
- The Periodic Table
- Chemical Nomenclature
- Chemical Building Blocks & Reactions
- Metric System and Measurements
- General Chemistry Laboratory Procedure

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