Technocopia is maker space located in Worcester, MA.  We provide our members with workspace and access to a bunch of tools to work on whatever they can dream up!

Artisan Workshops

We are developing several project-based workshops in order to teach aspiring artisans how to use a variety of tools in our space to make amazing things! All artisan workshops are 18+ unless otherwise noted.

Non-member students must fill out this one-time registration form prior to attending a class. Please see our class cancellations and refund policies. Tell us what sort of workshops you'd like to see at Technocopia by filling out this form!

Urgent Architecture: Sustainable Design for Emergency Housing


Please see a PDF of our presentation here
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Join Worcester natives Larry Haley and Adam Zelny for a presentation and discussion forum on the current state of emergency shelters. This collaboration aims to research examples of housing created to help people in disaster situations, which range from emergency, transitional, and permanent buildings. Due to the dramatic increase in the need for such shelter, we will explore ways to fund, build and transport the most promising structures to people and places they might help. We welcome all to this free event, with a goal of sharing and networking our resources to help our project grow. Beverages and snacks will be provided.

Glass Flameworking


Fee: $65 - $85
Instructor: Molly Jackson

Are you fascinated by this old-world process that uses glass, flames and gravity? Are you just curious about trying out the Glass Shop? Our 2 hour workshops are designed to give you a brief studio orientation, safety training and demonstration of the project. The rest is hands-on torch time creating your very own glass art. How is that done? Glass rods and colored frit (crushed glass) are heated and shaped in the two thousand degree flame of an oxygen-propane bench torch. Your new creations will be annealed in a kiln overnight and can be taken home the next day. **This workshop is followed by an optional 1 hour certification class for newcomers interested in using the Glass Shop as a Technocopia member. Experienced flameworkers may contact the instructor to schedule a certification class only.**

Intro to Screen Printing

Fee: $100
Materials: Bring your own OR $40 add'l fee.
Instructor: Drew Wilson

In this two-session workshop you’ll learn how to design and screenprint your very own design. In the first session you’ll learn about the common ways that t-shirts are printed and learning how to prepare a digital file so that it can be transferred to a screen for printing. In the second session we will prepare a screen and print our t-shirts.

How does it work? We will use InkScape--free & open source graphic design software--to prepare a digital design that will be cut using Technocopia’s computer-controlled vinyl cutting machine. Then the design will be transferred to a screen and we will apply a coating to the screen so we can print with the screen over and over again. You’ll then use your screen and fabric inks to print your design onto t-shirts or other fabric.


Fee: $100
Instructor: Adam Zelny

Learn the basics of 2D computer aided design (CAD) while crafting a set of beautiful wooden earrings with our laser cutter! This 2 session class teaches the steps needed to transform a digital design into a finished physical object. Class one will include an overview and demonstration of the process before we learn how to navigate and create a laser cuttable design using free Inkscape software. We’ll discuss the difference between raster and vector images, and how the laser cuts with both types, and learn about the importance of knowing your material as a crucial part of the design process. In class 2 each student will receive hands-on time with the laser as we learn how to operate the machine, and how to produce precision cuts using our earring designs. After everyone has cut their wooden pieces, we’ll end by walking through the wood finishing and earring assembly process.

Paint Night: Digital Fabulous


Fee: $22
Instructor: Caitlin O'Toole

This class will introduce attendees to what  tools at Technocopia can create while encouraging them to paint these items with complete creative freedom.
Each class will feature a wooden item designed and fabricated by Technocopia member, Caitlin O’Toole. From photo wreaths to holiday decorations, each participant will start with the same blank canvas and end with different color palettes, embellishments, and final product. Rather than a paint night with a guided outcome - this class celebrates the variation and creative freedom to diversify the item to whatever your imagination can come up with!

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