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modern world history II

Wednesdays, 12-2pm, Jan. 24th -  4/25
No class on 2/21, 3/21, and 4/18
Ages: 10-14
Instructor: Cindy Nordstrom
Fee: $325 (deposit $65)

This challenging course will bring the powerful story of the 19th century to life. Hands on projects will bring the stories of the people, places and movements alive in our classroom. In order for the students to truly understand the importance of this tumultuous time period; dance, drama, activism, poetry, art, music, geography, and engineering will be woven into the curriculum. Special attention will be brought to underrepresented groups, and include important literary works of this time period. Maps and timelines will be incorporated into student's weekly work, and students will be expected to research and write reports. By the end of this engaging course; students will be able to draw connections from our readings, lectures, and projects to ongoing governing systems, and contributions to modern art, drama and science. This will give the students an active understanding of the role history plays in our present and future lives. 

This class is a continuation of Modern World History started in the Fall 2017 session. New students are encouraged to join.

44 Portland Street 6th Floor
Worcester MA, 01608
Ph. 774.420.2244