Technocopia is maker space located in Worcester, MA.  We provide our members with workspace and access to a bunch of tools to work on whatever they can dream up!

Artisan Workshops

We are developing several project-based workshops in order to teach aspiring artisans how to use a variety of tools in our space to make amazing things! All artisan workshops are 18+ unless otherwise noted.

Non-member students must fill out this one-time registration form prior to attending a class. Please see our class cancellations and refund policies here. Tell us what sort of workshops you'd like to see at Technocopia by filling out this form!

Design Building: The Sawhorse

Fee: $150
Instructor: Larry Haley
Schedule: TBD

This set of classes is an introduction to the woodworking design process used to make a sawhorse, which is a common load-bearing structure used for a variety of applications. Each student in this class will learn how to construct their own pair of saw horses from pieces of precut lumber using the table saw as a primary tool. As students move through the process, they will learn how to interpret basic woodworking schematics, and produce the accurate measurements and angle cuts required to assemble a given design. After the class builds a single pair of sawhorses together, they will move on to creating their own modular 3-piece sawhorses to take home. This class will also discuss the role the design and construction process has in our society, and why learning and developing new methods are so important.

Intro to Screen Printing

Fee: $100
Materials: Bring your own OR $40 add'l fee.
Instructor: Drew Wilson
Schedule: 5/3 and5/10, 6:30 - 9:30pm

In this two-session workshop you’ll learn how to design and screenprint your very own design. In the first session you’ll learn about the common ways that t-shirts are printed and learning how to prepare a digital file so that it can be transferred to a screen for printing. In the second session we will prepare a screen and print our t-shirts.

How does it work? We will use InkScape--free & open source graphic design software--to prepare a digital design that will be cut using Technocopia’s computer-controlled vinyl cutting machine. Then the design will be transferred to a screen and we will apply a coating to the screen so we can print with the screen over and over again. You’ll then use your screen and fabric inks to print your design onto t-shirts or other fabric.

Wood Scrap Jewelry

Instructor: Adam Zelny
Schedule: 4/22, 1:00 - 5:00pm

* Students in this workshop will receive training and certification on our Full Spectrum Laser Cutter.

A carpenter’s scraps are a jewelers gold in this workshop which teaches how a discarded piece of wood can be transformed into fine jewelry using Technocopia’s laser cutter and some hand tools. By the end of this workshop, students will leave with working knowledge of Inkscape design software and our Full Spectrum laser cutter, and at least one set of laser cut earrings. Learn more via the link above!

Sewing technique & design

Fee: $65
Instructor: Venice Fouchard
Schedule: 4/25, 6:00-9:00pm

This class will introduce students to the sewing machine and its associated tools. Students will learn the straight stitch, zig zag, blind stitch, and techniques in hand finishing.  You can bring in problematic or unfinished projects needing advice, inspiration, or redesign, or work with provided materials at an extra fee.  Bring your own machine if you have one, and if not, we have several for the class to share.

Science of opiates


Fee: Free
Instructor:  Dr. Mattie Castiel and Lauren Monroe
Schedule: 4/27, 5:00-7:00pm

Opiates are in a chemical class called alkaloids, compounds with strong psychoactive effects on the human body. Opiates, found naturally in the opium poppy plant, help block pain and increase feelings of well being. Some examples are: morphine, coedine and thebaine. Opioids are synthetic drugs that mimic morphine effects. Examples include heroin and oxycodone. This workshop will discuss the sources and chemical properties of opiates and opioids, why opioid use has risen in the last decade, and what preventative and rehabilitative measures are being made to aid the great danger of addiction. 


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