Technocopia is maker space located in Worcester, MA.  We provide our members with workspace and access to a bunch of tools to work on whatever they can dream up!

Our Team

Lauren Monroe has been developing STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) centered programs for middle and high school aged students since 2006. Lauren received a BS from UMASS Amherst in 2002 and afterward spent three years teaching in different schools across the globe. In 2008 she founded Worcester Think Tank, an educational center for STEAM enrichment in Worcester, MA. As founder and resident science teacher to the center, Lauren has extensive experience mentoring teachers and collaborating with community leaders to enrich educational programs. Lauren is also the Technocopia Programs Director and looks forward to integrating Think Tank’s education model to Worcester’s new makerspace.



Mike D’Angelo Serves as the co-director of Technocopia, Metal shop steward and on our Board of Directors. Mike is an information technology engineer with 15 years of experience in the field. His focuses are in computer networking, VoIP, and the emerging fields of big data and cloud computing. In his free time he enjoys designing, and fabricating performance motorcycles and cars. Born in Worcester and having attended Assabet Vocational and Cape Cod Regional Technical high schools he understands the need for vocational options for the lower and middle class of the city. 



Kevin Harrington graduated Cum Laude from Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Robotics Engineering program in 2009. At around the same time he developed the Bowler Robotics software platform. This platform is currently used by the WPI Automation and Interventional Medicine (AIM) lab to perform two surgeries on patients inside an MRI, with fifty scheduled for the upcoming year. In 2013 he helped found Technocopia with Nick Bold and others. In 2014 he formed the Neuron Robotics Cooperative with a group of fellow engineers and entrepreneurs to sell robot controllers as educational tools. Neuron Robotics Cooperative operates out of Technocopia as one of its anchor tenants.   


Joe Forjette is a software and audio engineer. After graduating with a degree in Music from UMass Lowell in 1999, Joe worked in New York as an audio editor on various MTV and HBO shows while recording friend's bands and projects on the side. He returned to earn a degree in Computer Science at Worcester State University and spent the subsequent 13 years working in the local information technology industry developing networking, network security and storage systems. He has served several years as a judge in the annual Massachusetts State Science Fair at MIT, was a founding member of Technocopia, and in October 2013 he founded Curiosity Hacked Worcester. His passions include analog audio, turntables, playing with his kids and any funny looking circuits that go bleep. Joe is currently pursuing a graduate degree in engineering management at WPI and lives in Worcester, MA with his wife and two sons.

Ian Anderson is a timber framer and carpenter by trade. Ian holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and has attended the North Bennet Street School for technical craftsmanship. After graduation, he spent two years working for Hardwick Frame Company and then as a mechanical engineering contractor for Saint Gobain designing and building prototypes of tools used in their R&D department. Since 2011, Ian has been running a cooperative woodworking shop in Worcester that he shares with 10 members. He also builds and designs timber frame structures and furniture, and does general carpentry in the Worcester area. As an educator, Ian has worked with YouthBuild Worcester and Worcester Think Tank where he has run classes about solar energy, robotics, building, along with intensive Tiny House Workshops for adults.


Adam Zelny is a multimedia designer and educator in the fields of 2D and 3D CAD, digital fabrication, audio and video production, music, and design oriented art. As a part of Technocopia's administration team, he has helped build the education platform for tool training and workshop programs, and actively teaches classes for laser cutter and 3D printer workflows. His role as an educator involves incorporating art into STEM oriented classes, crafting professional development workshops for fellow teachers, and using digital fab tools to learn and make useful things that look good. As a former board member, Adam played a role in relocating and expanding Technocopia's facility and programs, and continues to volunteer his time to growing the makerspace. Adam thinks that sci-fi is a great genre, and enjoys the occasionally good video game. 


Annie Cohn is Technocopia's Membership Services Coordinator. She teaches 3rd grade in the Worcester Public Schools. Annie believes in community spaces that support creativity, social action, and life long learning. She has over 10 years of experience in community organizing and event planning. She came to Worcester as a Clark University student where she studied Sociology, Photography, and Education. In 2010, she graduated with an MA in teaching and made Worcester her home. At Technocopia, she uses digital design to create physical art. Annie works to create a social network where members feel connected, empowered, and engaged.



Molly Jackson is Technocopia’s Glass Shop steward.  She studied Flameworking at The Worcester Center for Crafts. Currently she offers classes both there and at Technocopia as well as owning and operating Flowforms Yoga in Worcester.  Since 2003 her glass jewelry has been featured in international and domestic magazines (Vogues, Women’s Wear Daily, Harper's Bazaar, Glass Quarterly, Modern Bride and many more), runways from Manhattan’s  Mercedes Benz Fashion Week to Osaka, Japan, celebrities (Britney Spears, Ozzy Osborn and more) and sold in boutiques around the globe.  2015 brought her into a new venture of glass sculpture and installations. Most recently her pieces were accepted into the “Now! New Works, New Artists” exhibit.


Ben Cline is the Safety Officer for Technocopia. He grew up in upstate New York where he attended Hudson Valley Community College majoring in Criminal Justice. He became a firefighter and spent many years in the safety and security field. In 2005, he moved to Worcester with his wife Liza. Ben has attended the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) for woodworking and is and active member of the Central New England Woodturners (CNEW) organization. Ben has been a member of Technocopia since 2015 and enjoys woodturning and blending digital fabrication elements into his woodworking.



Alex Camilo Alex Camilo graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Robotics Engineering program in 2010. At around the same time he worked with Kevin Harrington to develop the DyIO hardware module for the Bowler Robotics software platform. He then worked with the WPI Automation and Interventional Medicine (AIM) lab to design robotics control hardware that was used in two surgeries on patients inside an MRI. In 2013 he helped found Technocopia with Nick Bold and Kevin Harrington. Alex maintains the electronics bench at Technocopia.



Venice Fouchard is an original designer who has been designing clothing for over 20 years for both the industry and private clientele.  She has her own label, and has also worked with reputable design houses.  Her training comes from fashion high school and the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.


Drew Wilson is a computer scientist, designer and activist. As a Fellow with the Ford Foundation, Mozilla and Code for America he has used his background in web technology to support social change organizations. At Technocopia he uses computer-controlled machines like the laser cutter, CNC router, and vinyl cutter to create physical objects. He is particularly interested in using digital fabrication for DIY printmaking such as screenprinting and relief printing.


Jeff Voss earned BS and PhD degrees from the University of Washington and the University of Chicago followed by a successful 34 year career as a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry. While a scientist, Jeff fell in love with woodworking and upon retirement trained in furniture making at the North Bennet St. School in Boston Massachusetts. After completing his training he founded Mission Accomplished Fine Woodworking LLC which has produced custom furniture pieces for clients all over the USA and appeared in Wood Magazine.

Outdoor Annie.jpg

Annie Stegink, has been a Technocopia member for the past year, and has recently jumped into the position of Textiles Shop Steward with great enthusiasm. She has a wide range of hobbies, but has been sewing since she was a young kid tinkering in her Grandma’s sewing room. Coming from an interesting background in engineering, farming, and carpentry, she enjoys seeing how things are made and how pieces are put together to create something beautiful. Her favorite sewing projects are quilts, especially in the winter. Although Annie is not an expert in all areas of sewing, she is excited to see what people are interested in making, and facilitating a space where everyone can learn together!


Varinder Singh Bhatia is a current 1st year student at MCPHS, school of pharmacy. He is from the bay area in California where he completed his undergraduate degree in biology and biochemistry. During his undergraduate journey, he conducted scientific research in Huntington’s disease and tutored students in the principles and concepts of molecular genetics, chemistry, physics, and various upper division biology courses. Currently, Varinder is striving to bring positive change in the health care industry from one that historically has been geared toward mitigating costs at the expense of patient outcomes, to a new health care system that prioritizes patient outcomes while maintaining profitability. At Technocopia, he is developing a lesson plan to demonstrate some basic chemistry principles of thermochemistry.

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