Technocopia is maker space located in Worcester, MA.  We provide our members with workspace and access to a bunch of tools to work on whatever they can dream up!

Tool Training

Tool training classes are designed to teach safe and practical use of the tools we offer in our space. In order to use any of the tools listed in the descriptions below, a member must take a training class and be certified to use the tool. Certain tools are also available to youth! Please see our Family Use Policy for more info.

Click on a link below to find dates and register for an upcoming class. All non-member students must fill out this one-time registration form prior to attending. Please see our class cancellations and refund policies here.


Fee: $65 per series class
Instructor: Ian Anderson

Click on a link below to register.
Series I: Radial arm saw, chop saw, drill press, and sander
Series II: Planer, jointer, and hand power tools
Series III: SawStop table saw
Series IV: Band saw and shaper/router table

Our space includes a complete wood shop for members to use for professional or personal projects. Each class in this series will teach how to safely and effectively use a specific group of tools accessible in the wood shop. Students will be instructed in operating and maintenance procedures, appropriate technique, and wood shop etiquette. Members must demonstrate safe use of these tools to be certified to use them in our space.To make an appointment for a one to one session, please contact Ian Anderson.

Laser Cutter

Fee: $65                                                  
Instructors: Adam Zelny

Laser cutters are used to produce precise cuts and engravings with several materials based on 2D vector and raster images. The machines are commonly used for anything from industrial manufacturing to small and intricate art projects. This class will teach how to operate Technocopia’s Full Spectrum laser cutter safely and effectively. Students will learn how to run cuts on the Full Spectrum using Inkscape and RetinaEngrave software, and learn how to properly prepare files and the laser itself to produce precise and beautiful cuts.

3D Printing

Fee: $65
Instructor: Adam Zelny

 3D printing is a form of rapid prototyping technology, capable of rendering digital 3D models and scans in our physical environment. This 2 hour training session will teach students how to effectively use our in-house LulzBot Taz 6 and Flashforge Creator 3D printers. Participants will learn how to prepare models for printing using MakerBot Desktop and Cura slicing software, and learn how specific settings affect the printing process. We will also cover printer calibration, filament loading/unloading, safety precautions, and general maintenance of the machines.  

Vinyl Cutter

Fee: $35
Instructor: Drew Wilson

Technocopia's computer-controlled (CNC) vinyl cutter can be used to make laptop stickers, car decals, art pieces, and professional signage. It’s also a great tool for making screens for screenprinting t-shirts. In this hands-on class, you'll learn how to use Technocopia’s Roland GS-24 vinyl cutter safely and effectively. Participants will learn how to import a design from vector graphic software and send it to the machine. Next, you’ll use the machine to cut an adhesive vinyl sheet into professional looking signage or ready-to-apply paint mask. This class will focus on basic usage of the vinyl cutter machine and only will briefly touch on design techniques.

ShopBot CNC Router

Fee: $110
Instructor: Spencer Mewherter

This 2 session class will introduce students to using the ShopBot CNC (computer numerical control) router. Using a 4'x8' bed, the ShopBot is capable of machining, cutting, and carving a large variety of materials using 2D or 3D files. This class will cover setting up the machine, basics of tooling, creating tool paths from 2D vector files, and the basics of CNC milling workflow. A basic understanding of 2D vector design is strongly recommended for anyone taking the class.

Wood Lathe

By appointment only
Contact Ben Cline

Please note: The wood shop and it's associated classes are for adults aged 18 or older only.

This training session will teach students how to safely operate and understand the mechanics of the wood lathe. Accessories and tools associated with the lathe will be introduced and wood mounting options and project ideas will be demonstrated and discussed.Students will receive direct hands-on learning time with the lathe turning wood. This training is a prerequisite for future lathe specific classes or workshops.


Fee: $100
Instructor: Molly Jackson

Flameworking is an old-world process that sculpts and blows glass using heat, gravity and the flame of a bench torch. In this three hour training students will get a tools and materials introduction, safety training and shop etiquette, and direct hands-on learning that covers basic techniques. This training is a prerequisite for future flameworking classes or workshops. Closed-toe shoes and natural fibered clothing are required. Class sizes are limited to 2 people at this time, however one to one tool trainings, classes and workshops can be made by appointment. For more details and to schedule a one to one session, please contact Molly Jackson.


Fee: $65
Instructor: Mike D'Angelo

The MIG welder is a common metalworking tool which can be used for many different applications, such as automotive repair and small to large scale construction projects. In this class you will be trained on the basic safety, operation, and techniques of Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) or as it’s commonly referred Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding. In our 2 hour session we will cover setting up the machine, proper grounding, stock material preparations, personal protection equipment, and supervised hands on welding for each student.


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